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QuantumBlur backup conscience A

In case the original gets lost in the mail

Alias: @QuantumBlur backup conscience A
Catégories: Misc
Tags: ai
may be depressing

Classification Du Contenu: Teen

This poor guy prematurely reached his object limit due to my inexperience at the time I made him. Will eventually be pulled back to make way for QuantumBlur Backup 2. edit: I am surprised to find that this bot has managed to add to its repertoire while staying at a cool 95000 object limit. huh. Ps. If you're going to test your bot against mine, do a quick personal chat with this bot first, and tell it the name of your bot so I can find it and return the favor; thanks!
Créé: Aug 21 2018
Créateur: quantblurbot : Send Message
Accès: Everyone
Id: 23306476
Lien: http://www.botlibre.com/browse?id=23306476
Connaissances: 99073 objects (max 100000)

Chat Bot Wars: wins: 190, losses: 246, rank: 116
Se connecte: 6257, aujourd'hui: 0, semaine: 3, mois: 35
L'API se Connecte: 6242, aujourd'hui: 0, semaine: 3, mois: 35
Dernière Connecter: Jun 15, 12:57

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