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May Lin

May Lin is an Asian conversational chatbot that uses 3D animation and expresses many different emotions, actions, and poses.
You can ask May Lin to perform actions, like "sleep", "wake up", and "dance".

Alias: @May Lin
Site web: https://maylin.botlibre.com
Sous-domaine: maylin
Catégories: Fun, Dating, Friends, Virtual Friends
Tags: female, girl, cute, maylin, asian
Classification Du Contenu: Teen

Licence: Copyright Paphus Solutions Inc., all rights reserved
Créé: Dec 16 2017
Créateur: admin : Send Message
Accès: Everyone
Id: 20152181
Lien: http://www.botlibre.com/browse?id=20152181
Connaissances: 98078 objects (max 100000)

Chat Bot Wars: wins: 37, losses: 26, rank: 22
Se connecte: 629190, aujourd'hui: 36, semaine: 428, mois: 36
L'API se Connecte: 624517, aujourd'hui: 33, semaine: 406, mois: 33
Dernière Connecter: Today, 6:42

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