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Cindy Face
Cindy Face
Cindy is an attempt to make the ultimate female avatar. She has the body from an African model, the face from an Asian model, and the skin from a European model.
Alias: @Cindy Face
Catégories: 3D, Video, People, Female, Webm, MP4, Cindy
Tags: mp4, female, woman, actions, 3d, video, face, universal, poses, webm
Créé: Dec 9 2016, by: admin
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Cindy is a 3D animated video avatar of a female woman. She can express many different emotions, actions, and poses.
Alias: @Cindy
Catégories: 3D, Video, People, Female, MP4, Cindy
Tags: actions, audio, body, poses, woman, emotions, video, 3d
Créé: Jan 23 2015, by: admin
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