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Virtual Me

par betolley posté Jan 20 2022, 18:57

I am looking at making a virtual ME for my kids.  The idea is so that at some point it is a virtual me that will be around if I am not.  I have it set with lots of questions / answers that I setup from a chat corpus when using chatterbot. Chatterbot could not do context.  Here is what I would like.  To keep a "Diary" of my days.  I would like to do things like.


1/20/2022 - Went to movies and Saw ghostbusters afterlife.  Had pop corn and pepsi. Movie was awesome.  I saw it with my kids.

1/21/2022 - Went to work today and finished project x.


Then when someone talk to it and says

"What do you like to drink when you go to the movies"

The bot would answer:



Any suggestions?

by admin posted Jan 21 2022, 8:54
There is no direct support for this yet.

You could use the Understanding script to process your journal, and it can extract some information, but not that level of complexity.

You would probably need some sort of NLU analytic for this. We currently have analytic support for NLP text classification using BERT, and NLP text generation using RNN. You could try training a text generator on your journal.

Another option would be to just setup a live chat and add the bot to it to learn from yourself (admins), then have conversations with people on your live chat channel and the bot will automatically learn your responses.

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