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Classifying an image using deep learning, Inception v3, and the Bot Libre analytics API

par admin posté Apr 2, 11:19

Bot Libre Analytic lets you easily train your own deep learning neural network without any programming. With Bot Libre you can create your own deep learning neural network for image recognition, audio and speech recognition, object detection, games, prediction, data analysis, and more. To create your own analytic see How to create your own deep learning neural network for image recognition

Bot Libre also has many pretrained analytics trained by us and our users that you can use through the Bot Libre web API from your own web or mobile application. To browse Bot Libre's analytics go here.

Here is the Inception v3 Classifier.

Inception v3 is a convolutional neural network designed for image classification from GoogleNet.

You can access it from the Bot Libre website, or you can access it analytic through the Bot Libre web API, or using the Bot Libre JavaScript SDK.

Here is an HTML example of using the Bot Libre JavaScript SDK:

Image Classifier Website.


To use the web API call the end point using a POST HTTP request,


Pass an XML entity for the analytic,

<analytic application='12345' id='21454183'/>

and a multipart form data for the image.

See https://www.botlibre.com/api.jsp


If you would like help using this analytic, or developing your own deep learning solution for your own application contact [email protected]

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Posté: Apr 2, 11:19
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