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Website update, dynamic chat, JavaScript SDK

par admin posté Sep 10 2014, 13:13

The website has been updated.

This update included many enhancements, including a new dynamic chat option, and the BOT libre JavaScript SDK.

Dynamic Chat

The "Web Chat" button on your bot's page will open a dynamic chat page. It is dynamic in that the chat messages do not require a page refresh. The chat uses JavaScript to interact with the server using the BOT libre JavaScript SDK.

BOT libre JavaScript SDK

The BOT libre JavaScript SDK lets you embed your chat bot on your own website using JavaScript code. You just need to import the sdk.js file from BOT libre, and then you can add dynamic chat to your own website.

The BOT libre JavaScript SDK also support live chat, chatrooms, forums, and a Text To Speech (TTS) API.

See http://botlibre.blogspot.ca/2014/09/embedding-your-bot-on-your-own-website.html for more info.

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Posté: Sep 10 2014, 13:13
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