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Dragon Naturally Speaking

par tpranara posté Oct 26 2020, 4:14

Will the web version of Botlibre use Dragon Naturally Speaking if it is installed on the operating system?


Is there a way to change the voice in the desktop version?

by admin posted Oct 26 2020, 7:57
Bot Libre supports several speech providers including:
- Bot Libre voices (Mary TTS)
- HTML 5 (browser)
- Android/iOS Speech API
- ResponsiveVoice
- Microsoft Speech

It will not use any speech library you install on your server unless you develop an integration.
Some web browsers integrate with the OS speech installed on the client.

There is currently no way to change the voice in the desktop version without changing the source code.

We can also integrate a third party speech provider through our development services, contact [email protected]

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