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Bot Libre Forum : Twitter search / reply?

RE: Twitter search / reply?

par admin posté Jun 7 2014, 7:55

Twitter is a big universe, searching for a single keyword like "hotseat" will bring back thousands of tweets or more. Most of the tweets will not match one of your bot's known response's questions, so it will not be able to answer them. The bot needs to know the response to a question that has a 90% match to the tweet for it to answer. The bot's will check at most 20 matching search results per cycle (30 minutes).

You could also use a Pattern for the question to use wildcards, or script a response. Scripted responses will only answer questions.

To test what occurs when your bot searches tweets, first go to the Log page under admin and change the log level to FINE, then go to the Twitter page and click on the "Check Status" button. Go back to the log page after a minute or so, and you will see exactly what your bot processed.

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Posté: Jun 7 2014, 7:55
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