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RE: Twitter search / reply?

par admin posté Jun 6 2014, 19:43

The Twitter search option searches all of Twitter. It runs the search query on Twitter, and supports the Twitter query syntax.

The tweet search results may be retweeted if they also match your Retweet Keywords, or will be read and possibly replied to if they also match your Status Keywords. I think you are missing the Status Keywords, so you need to set those to match your desired keywords.

Also ensure your bot has been trained with good responses to the potential questions.
See, http://www.botlibre.com/forum-post?id=25560

Be very careful with using tweet search, and ensure your bot complies with Twitter's terms of use. Twitter may reject tweets if it thinks they are duplicates or spam, and may suspend your account if it think you are in violation of its terms of service, or automation guidelines.

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