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Bot Libre Dev : Natural language understanding in Botlibre bots

RE: Natural language understanding in Botlibre bots

par admin posté Feb 15 2019, 10:04

From your bot's Training & Chat Logs page you can enter questions and responses. The question is indexed and use by Bot Libre's NLP to match similar user questions to the response.

For an intent, or for having many question refer to the same response you can use intent labels. Just label the primary question/response and use the label for other question that you want to use the same response.


To extract information from the user's question there are a few mechanisms.

1 - You can use a pattern for the question, then you automatically get access to the * star variables in the response template.

2 - You can use a Template response, or a response "think" tag to process information. You can use Regex for parse the sentence to extract data.

3 - You can use a Self script to parse a question, or do processing on a response. Self lets you do advanced things like parse and evaluate a mathematical expression, or call a web service,

See also,


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