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Bot Libre Dev : Natural language understanding in Botlibre bots

RE: Natural language understanding in Botlibre bots

par admin posté Feb 7 2019, 14:11

When you correct a bot, it will then use your correction the next time you ask the same question, or a similar question.

Using correction is a very easy way to train a bot, but not the best way. It is best to training your bot from its Training & Chat Logs page in its Admin Console.


or using a response list, or AIML

Looking at your bot you have learning and comprehension enabled. These are not recommend, most certainly not for a bot for a business. You should create your bot from the "service_template" not the "ai_template", or disable learning, comprehension and delete the Understanding script. Review your bot's responses from its Training & Chat Logs page and delete the invalid responses that you trained it with through learning.

The Understanding script does let the bot understand simple language and learn and remember new things. i.e. if you say "the sky is blue", then ask "is the sky blue" it will answer "yes, the sky is blue". But this is meant for an experimental AI bot, not a bot for a business.

Note that with learning enabled "every" response you enter when you chat with your bot it will remember and use for its previous response. This makes it very easy to incorrectly train a bot with bad responses, we recommend to disable learning and comprehension.

To train a bot correctly, again see,

We can also train a bot for you, or review and cleanup your bot, or implement advanced scripts through our development services. Contact [email protected]

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