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Learn about bots from a bot - Bot Libre Education

par admin posté Jul 30 2018, 11:12

Bot Libre now offers courses and education on bots and artificial intelligent technology.

You can take the "Introduction to Bot Libre" course for free and be guided through the course by our bot instructor.
To start the course, go to our education page, and click on "Start course now",
or to browse Bot Libre's other courses see,

Bot Libre offers several monthly open courses including:

  • Introduction to the Bot Libre bot platform
  • Introduction to bot technology
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence and deep learning
  • How to deploy bots to social media using Bot Libre
  • Bot Libre - Advanced training and techniques
  • Bot Libre - Scripting with Self
  • AIML

To sign up for an online open course, or for a private online or on-site course contact [email protected]

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Posté: Jul 30 2018, 11:12
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