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Bugs and Features : Program scripts add but don't do anything.

RE: Program scripts add but don't do anything.

par admin posté Apr 6 2014, 7:31

What do you mean by 'knowledge artifacts'?

I tested your bot, and the AIML scripts you added seem to be working.

You: who invented the light bulb
Xecta V2: Thomas Edison invented .

You: what did hal do?
Xecta V2: He had a few issues to work out.

You can import AIML scripts from two places. When adding from the Program page, it will be added as a script, and the list of scripts will be executed in the order of the list. So something from a script higher up in the list can take precedence.

You can also import AIML scripts from the Chat Logs page. The script will not be executed as a script, but the patterns/templates will be added to the bots known responses, and the bot will decide when to use them.

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