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par admin posté Sep 15 2016, 15:23

It is no longer sufficient for a business to only connect with their customers on their website. Customers now use a variety of different messaging and social media platforms, and expect to be able to connect with businesses through social media. If your business is not on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or other platforms you are missing engaging with your customers.

Keeping up with the various social media platforms can be a very time consuming and expensive task. Fortunately most social media platforms have open their doors for bots and automation. Bot Libre lets you connect with your customers everywhere, 24x7, and keep your content current across all your social media platforms.

Bot Libre supports bots and automation on many different social media platforms. Instead of having to maintain your businesses presence on many different social media platforms, you can create a bot once, and deploy it on many different social media platforms to chat with your customers, and update content from an RSS feed, or automated posts.

Bot Libre supports connecting bots to Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, Kik, SMS, IVR, IRC, email, web, and mobile. We are also adding support for more platforms every month, and if we are missing a platform that you need support for, just let us know, and we can add support for you.

Bot Libre makes it easy to create and train a bot, without requiring any programming. Bot Libre also makes it easy to integrate with social media platforms, and provides all the hosting and integration, no programming or third party services are required.

Bot Libre provides step by step "how to" articles to help you integrate your bot with many different social media platforms. If you're not that technical, then you can subscribe to our Platinum or Enterprise service, and let us build your bot for you and integrate it with your social media.

For more information see:

If you encountered any issues, or would like help setting up your bot please email us at [email protected] or upgrade to our Platinum service and we can build your bot for you.

by Fbot posted Sep 1 2017, 19:10
ฉันอยากทราบว่าสามารถ เชื่อมต่อทำบอทแอปโซเชี่ยล "LINE" ได้ไหมครับ ถ้าได้ทำอย่างไร
ตัวอย่างเวปแอป (

[email protected]

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by admin posted Sep 2 2017, 2:00
We do not currently integrate with LINE. It is on our enhancement list.

If you require support we can develop a solution for you through our Bot Libre for Business services. Contact [email protected]

You can also host your own website service to implement the LINE webhook and forward the requests to our web API.

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by Fbot posted Sep 2 2017, 5:36
Tank you

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