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Is AIML supported?

par admin posté Mar 7 2014, 18:48

AIML is the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language. It is an XML standard for defining chat bot responses. Bot Libre bots are not based on AIML, but instead have a knowledgebase similar to the human brain. However both importing and exporting AIML is fully supported.

You can import AIML in two forms, either as a script file, or as a chat log.

You can import AIML as a script from the Scripts page in your bot's Admin Console. The AIML script will be executed similar to any other AIML interpreter. You can order precedence of the script before or after any of your bots other scripts. You can also select "merge" when importing to merge with the bot's previous script to maintain proper AIML ordering. This is the best option if you want optimal AIML compatibility.

You can also import or export AIML as a chat log from the Training & Chat Logs page in your bot's Admin Console. When imported as a chat log, the AIML script will not be executed as a script, but instead the bot will integrate the AIML categories with its other responses in its knowledge base. A heuristic algorithm will be used to match patterns which can have different semantics than standard AIML, and does not require an exact match for non wildcard patterns. This is the best option if you want to be easily able to train your bot with new responses, or have it learn responses n its own.

You can also export an AIML file from anything your bot has learned through chatting with users, or from imported chat logs.

AIML 2 is supported.

See http://www.botlibre.com/forum-post?id=28654 for more info.

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