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Website update - avatar import/export, content rating, forking

par admin posté May 3 2016, 11:29

The website was updated today.

The update includes several enhancements and fixes including:

  • Avatar menu option to export an avatar to a zip file, and import from a zip file
  • Content rating levels for you bot and content
  • Fork access levels
The new content rating system lets you rate your bot's content as one of "Everyone", "Teen", or "Mature".
Please rate your bot objectively, and if you notice a bot incorrectly rated please flag it for review.

This does not change our terms of service, we still do not allow offensive or adult content, this just allows content to be classified for a more mature audience.

The default rating is "Teen". Only bots that do not have learning from users enabled can be classified as "Everyone". Bots that deal with mature themes must be rated "Mature". Our intention is to have a more strict profanity filter for bots rated "Everyone", and a less strict filter for bots rated "Mature".

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Tags: notice, website update, avatars, content rating, forking
Posté: May 3 2016, 11:29
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