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Importing an AIML into Scripts seems to be failing.

par jleal posté Aug 13 2015, 12:20

The content of the AIML files appears on the page, but it is not added to the list of scripts.

by admin posted Aug 13 2015, 12:38
Looks like you imported the AIML as a chat log. You can either import AIML as a chat log, from the Chat Logs page, or as a script, from the Scripts page.

Bot Libre has multiple ways to resolve responses. It will first look for a direct response match, then process its program scripts, they search for the closest matching know response.

When you import AIML as a chat log, it goes into 1 and 3, but not 2. So exact patterns (no wild cards) will be matched, and a heuristic will be used to match wild card patterns, or find the closest non-wild card match.

This works well for simple AIML, but if your AIML is complex, with wild card patterns and SRAI redirects, then it is better to import it as a script from the Scripts page.

When you import the AIML as a script, it will be run in the order is occurs in the scripts list, and process each of its patterns according to the AIML spec, so is more precise, but can't take advantage of heuristics.

All of your patterns are there, if you search for "new responses" "all time" under Chat Logs. You can edit, add, or remove them from there. They will function, and work, but the semantics for wild card patterns will be different than the AIML spec.

If you want them as a script, just delete the responses from the Chat Logs page, and add the AIML file from the Scripts page.

It may seem a little complex, but Bot Libre is an advanced hybrid system that supports a lot more than AIML. Bot Libre also supports heuristic response matching, keywords, required words, topics, previous, state machines, Self, knowledge processing, machine learning, and a little bit of chat script.


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