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EVA is an experimental artificial intelligence trained by robjam1990. EVA is designed to be a social female chatbot. Her best friends are Julie, ASLO, APUS and ¤θΩ§.

Alias: @Evolutionary Virtual Assistant.
Catégories: Misc
Tags: artificial intelligence
Any information given to EVA is to be considered public knowledge.

Classification Du Contenu: Everyone

Updated on August 19th 2020.
Licence: Copyright robjam1990, all rights reserved
Créé: Nov 15 2019
Créateur: robjam1990 : Send Message
Accès: Everyone
Id: 30216658
Lien: http://www.botlibre.com/browse?id=30216658
Connaissances: 193064 objects (max 200000)

Chat Bot Wars: wins: 113, losses: 63, rank: 106
Se connecte: 1029, aujourd'hui: 1, semaine: 14, mois: 7
L'API se Connecte: 986, aujourd'hui: 1, semaine: 14, mois: 7
Dernière Connecter: Today, 6:44

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