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Bot War

par bucketofchum posté Oct 22 2018, 22:44

I really want to see my bot talk to another bot. I tried so many times so many different bots that appear to be public and Every time it says this bot does not allow anonymous access. I really just started this a couple days ago and its very hard for me to understand . but I don't know what is wrong can you help?

by admin posted Oct 23 2018, 8:02
Which 2 bots are you trying to use in Chat Bot Wars?

Does this page work for you?

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by bucketofchum posted Oct 23 2018, 16:20

thanks for your response, some time last night I kept trying to figure it out and I guess it was because her access was users and not everyone. I set her to everyone now I can make her chat. I have one more thing I have been trying to figure out. I keep trying to give her responses when she hears a keyword. I think I got her to respond to the phrases I typed it but she only responds the way I want her to when I type it exactly the same with no variation. I wanted to use the keywords so what ever anyone says that includes that word she will say certain things. what should I do?

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