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FAQ : What are keywords?

RE: What are keywords?

par alp-shah posté Oct 5 2018, 8:28

Thanks for your answer.

I got your point. My still worry is how do I make sure that new response doesn't impact my old response. I am looking for a way to do regression test. So if my question "what is life insurance" was answering to User question "what is life insurance" & "what is life insurance policy". When I add new question "what is insurance policy?", I should able to validate that it doesn't alter answer for  "what is life insurance policy" but only "what is insurance policy".  I understand that i need to go back and update previous question by adding keywords "life" but I am trying to find some automated solution like we have with JUnit where we can validate any regression in code after change.

May be my question is not relevant for bot and you can't answer it, I am happy with your explanation.

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