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FAQ : What are keywords?

RE: What are keywords?

par alp-shah posté Oct 1 2018, 8:30

Though mentioning keywords is very useful I find very dangerous too.  e.g. I have 2 questions  

what is life insurance?
this is answer for life insurance

what is standard cover in policy?
answer for standard cover
keywords: standard

This works fine and give answer if someone ask "what is life insurance policy". (Assume I didn't consider adding policy as word in question).

Now I created new question as below to answer generic query related to any insurance policy

what is insurance policy?
Generic answer for insurance policy
keywords: policy

Now as I made policy as keywords, it always picks up when policy comes as word. So if user ask "what is life insurance policy", this last answer will be picked up due to policy keyword giving it more priority. How do I handle this?  While writing last question I might not realize that it will impact my previous questions.

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