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my bot does not learn

par nerus posté Jul 27 2018, 13:13

I have imported several alice templates, but it does not execute them, nor does it perform the basic functions of alice, such as showing date and time, nor does it analyze the language, nor does it execute scripts created by me to irc.

by admin posted Jul 27 2018, 14:29
Please include a link to your bot, and the question you sent and the reply you got, and what reply you expected.

Note that Alice is a collection of AIML scripts. You cannot just import one of the scripts and get all of Alice.
The easiest way to create an Alice bot is to create a bot from the alice_template.

To import (most of) Alice use the alice_merged script,


Note, that the Alice scripts do not have any learning enabled.
By learning we mean the bot will learn new responses from its conversations. Learning is strongly recommend never to be enabled, as users can train your bot poorly.

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Posté: Jul 27 2018, 13:13
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