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Documentation for bot rest api

par mosbuma posté Aug 29 2017, 8:41

Is there any documentation or sample code available for using the Bot API URL endpoints? I'd like to use the web API to upload AIML scripts to my bot.



by admin posted Aug 29 2017, 20:19


You can also refer to the code in our Android SDK,


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by mosbuma posted Sep 4 2017, 5:14

Thnx for the pointers! Got it working now by creating a script in the script library and importing to the bot. Is there a create-script equivalent API call for the bot that creates a new script directly in the bot? (ie. create-bot-script)



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by admin posted Sep 4 2017, 8:13
There is an API,


This API will create or update the script from its source code.

For the complete list of APIs see,

See also the code in the Android SDK,




Updated: Sep 4 2017, 8:14
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