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want to know the difference between Licensed and free Bot Libre Source

par sreekar posté Jun 27 2017, 10:37

Hi admin,


i want to know all advantages of a licensed version and a free source code ,


at what cost i can get license i need more details,please reply me

by admin posted Jun 27 2017, 17:10
Our open source project contains our AI engine and our SDKs for JavaScript, Android, and iOS.


The AI engine is a Java library (jar) that includes support for NLP, AIML, Self, web services and social media.

To use the AI engine you would need your own Java application, or you would need to license our web platform.
For the SDKs you need to use them with one of our websites (https://www.botlibre.com https://www.botlibre.biz), or your own license of our web platform.

Our web platform is not open source, it is basically the Bot Libre or Bot Libre for Business website.
We do license our web platform as the "Bot Libre Corporate Bot Platform" and the "Bot Libre Cloud Bot Platform".



Our web platform uses the same AI engine as our open source project, but is normally a later version.

The licensed version also includes support on both the web platform and AI engine.

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